Kat Refuerzo (Mheadshot kat.jpgrs. Kat Carter)  is a certified fitness trainer by the International Sports and Science Association, fashion expert, and an up-and-coming bikini-contest competitor. Her background in these fields are rooted back from her passions growing up and as an outlet to overcome depression and achieve overall wellness. These experiences make her an excellent person with a great depth of understanding for our clients in the future. Click here to read her personal blog.


Paje Refuerzoheadshot paje  (Mrs. Paje Calimlim) is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the recipient of CSNN’s 2015 Award of Excellence. She is a body language and posture specialist, and progressing artist. Her flair for visual arts and music exposed her to meet a variety of mentors that allowed her to identify with other students while exploring her own teaching skills. Click here to read her personal blog.

Together, the twin sisters founded Unshackled Beauty driven by their passion for expressing beauty in life. Our vision for this company is to utilize our combined knowledge and qualifications in order to create a transformative coaching service specifically targeted to women.

The vision of Unshackled Beauty is to build a community of women who are happy, healthy, and dedicated in their personal well being just as much as they are with another. We are committed to help women Unshackle their beauty. This means counselling them to become aware of their potential physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We will be advocating a campaign for women to redefine beauty and realize that external physique is only yet equally important, a reflection of one’s spirit.